Vintage Arabica AAAA quality

These beans are the best beans of the seasons produce, They are hand selected and are lovingly nursed for 12 months in the husk. Allowing for a more matured flavour. Like a vintage wine that has been aged these beans experience a new level of maturity that creates a AAAA quality. We have just won two gold Awards in Hong Kong for these vintage beans.


Vintage arabica AAAA quality

The ageing process gives a spicy note that only adds to the unique flavors of this bean. 

The regions in Sumatra Indonesia were formed by volcanoes and still benefit from soil that’s rich in volcanic ash and ideal for growing coffee.

Indonesia’s 3,200-mile archipelago with 13,000 islands, 120 active volcanoes, rainfall, fertile soil, and ideal temperatures have led to the existence of the best beans for your coffee.

We grow our beans in these regions and only the best beans are selected for this vintage grade bean.

We have been rewarded with two Gold Awards recently in Hong Kong for these beans too !


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