Robusta Great AAAA Red Gading

Coffees from any region in Sumatra are best when grown at high elevations – above 1,250 meters above sea level is ideal. This slows the growing process, allowing the plant more time to deliver nutrients and minerals to the coffee beans so that they develop a fuller, richer and more robust flavor Robusta is also re-known for it’s higher caffeine content.


Robusta AAAA quality

(Coffea Canephora)

the robusta plant is now largely grown in the Eastern Hemisphere areas of Indonesia and Vietnam.

High-end Robusta coffee has been said to add depth of flavour and in the case of espresso, enhance crema. 

Robusta beans contain almost twice the amount of caffeine as Arabica beans! 

Robusta is often described as earthy and bitter …

our robusta offers a smooth flavour too

Perfect for that morning ‘starter’ or for that afternoon ‘pick-me-up’

nice and strong!


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