WILD Kopi Luwak AAAA

This coffee is only available in the most exclusive restaurants and cafes. They say it is the best coffee in the world and they are right. With a full matured coffee flavour these beans produce a remarkable coffee. There are several reason for the cost of these beans being so high. The difficulty in collecting these beans in the mountainous regions of Sumatra plus the fact that they must be digested and fermented by the WILD Civet Cat, along with the extra processing that is required that contributes to the high cost of Kopi Luwak beans. … it is widely agreed that it is all worth it as the end result is amazing!


WILD Kopi Luwak

AAAA quality beans with a

5 star rating

Producers of these coffee beans maintain  that it is the processes that improve these coffee beans.

Mainly through two mechanisms,

Civets Cats choose to eat only the best cherries or fruit – and digestion – biological or chemical mechanisms in the animal’s digestive tract alter the composition of the coffee cherries adding an extra fermentation process.

This creates the extra maturity that these coffee beans have.

It is because we collect from the wild cats in these mountainous districts by hand that adds to the cost of the beans.

and yes …

it is all worth it!


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