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Vintage Arabica AAAA quality

these high quality Arabica beans have been lovingly nursed for over 12 months in the fruit with husk on. This allows the beans to develop a much richer flavour like a good wine that has been aged. Their acidity is higher and some how sweater with that wine taste that characterises coffee with excellent acidity Normally US$40,000 per tonne

Arabica AAA quality Organic – Award winning

Arabica beans tend to have a sweeter, softer taste, with tones of sugar, fruit, and berries. Their acidity is higher, with that wine taste that characterises coffee with excellent acidity Normally US$30,000 per tonne

Arabica AAA quality Aceh-Gayo Sumatra Award winning

The Gayo region is re-known for producing a high quality Arabica, grown in the mountain basin with rich volcanic soil and lots of rainfall allowing for a richer flavoured bean Normally US$35,000 per tonne

Robusta Great AAAA Red Gading

Robusta coffee grown from Coffea canephora, a sturdy species with low acidity and high bitterness.The Red Gading beans are considered a high grade of robusta and 5 star Award winning. With a higher caffeine content this robusta is definitely right for that morning coffee or afternoon pick-me-up Normally US$33,000 per tonne

Wild Kopi Luwak AAAA quality

Our wild Kopi Luwak coffee has a distinct character full bodied. Hand picked from the mountainous regions of Sumatra, Kopi Luwak is a form of processing rather than a variety of coffee, it has been called one of the most expensive coffees in the world, with retail prices reaching €550 / US$700 per kilo. Our prices are surprisingly cheaper at US$500 per kilo. Most purchases are in 100 Kilogram lots at US$50,000 Purchases are even cheaper if you buy in tonnage

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 Certifications include organic, sustainable, high-altitude, and fair-trade. In general, such labels are excellent indicators of a fine quality product.

Even though “fair trade” doesn’t specifically refer to the taste of the beans, it does mean that the progression of growing has been closely monitored. Achieving and maintaining organic certification means that growers are held accountable for the way they treat their product.

You can feel confident that there are no traces of pesticides in your cup of organic coffee, and that the natural pests that attack coffee trees have been controlled through nontoxic methods.